For the Olympic Marathon of the Rio Games I was luckily able to manage both jetlag and quality of sleep thanks to my GoodNight glasses. It enabled me to race in the best possible conditions.

Tadesse Abraham,
Semi-marathon European Champion, 7th at the Rio Games Marathon  

Insomnia and addicted to sleeping pills for years I was thankful to have the possibility to test the GoodNight lenses. I now feel I have been given a new lease of life.

Christiane Egger

GoodNight glasses enable me to sleep better and longer. I can recover better.

Céline van Till

These glasses that filter the blue lights are really very efficient. It’s quite impressive ! I sleep well and feel my deep sleep is improving. I beat my record on the Morat-Fribourg race and am convinced these glasses have a lot to do with that.

Alison Bourgeois

Thanks to the GoodNight glasses my 9 year-old daughter now goes to sleep in ten minutes. It is a huge relief. Before experiencing the benefits of those glasses it would take her an hour and a half to two hours to fall asleep. GoodNight has really transformed our lives.

Laetitia E.