Goodnight® adultes
  • GoodNight® filters out all shortwave "blue lights" that interferes with your own natural cyclical production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • If you wear your GoodNight® glasses for two hours before you go to bed, you can watch TV, look at a film on your tablet, work at your computer or check your e-mails on a smartphone without any negative impact on your sleep.
  • GoodNight® also protects your eyes – and your sleep – efficiently if you read a book in the light of a low-energy bulb (LED).
  • Developed in Switzerland, GoodNight® glasses are a high-tech product manufactured in the French Jura by the world’s leading suppliers of eyewear. They’re designed to be worn over corrective spectacles, if need be, with a frame in highly resistant polyamide (biosourced and bisphenol free).

GoodNight® glasses

Insomnia, night shifts, jetlag?
Goodnight® restores 100% natural sleep

CHF 89.00 tax incl.

Price includes VAT (Switzerland & France), worldwide delivery and insurance

GoodNight® comes in two sizes:
Standard (140 mm)
Small (130 mm)
Choose standard if you wear corrective spectacles

  • Standard
  • Small